Nytt album - Lost on Purpose - kommer snart!




New album - Lost on Purpose - coming soon!..




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"I've been down a lot of pathways,

I don't wish to go again

But my angels and my demons,

oh they make me...they make me who I am."


from Choose to Live

"We do what we can

to play the hand we're dealt.

Life shows us heaven,

then it gives us hell."


from That's What Life Does

"Don't be too hard on people,

don't let them be too hard on you.

Seek adventure, live it up,

but always think the big things through.."


from Linnéa's Song (Your Dreams)

Lost on Purpose @

Heavens Door!


En underbar public och en härlig stämning gjorde J&J:s Lost on Purpose Project på Heavens Door den 27 november till ett makalöst event !

An amazing audience and a wonderful setting made the Lost on Purpose Project at Heavens Door on November 27 a spectacular event!






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